Concours Registration: 

To participate in the Concours Show you will need to preregister. - The cutoff date to register is June 1, 2018.


ONLY 1964-1974 GTOs, GT-37s and 1964-1972 A-bodies (Tempest & LeMans) can enter Concours classes.


1974 Venturas that promote a GTO image may compete in the Concours Competition Modified Class (full race cars) only.


Cars in all Concours classes (except Competition Modified) must provide documentation from Pontiac Historical Services indicating that the car is an authentic GTO / Judge / GT-37 Tempest / LeMans.


Concours Class Description



Judging in this class will be based on authenticity and quality of workmanship. Replacing original materials, assemblies, or additions of accessories is acceptable only if they were available from the manufacturer during that particular model year. Point determination for the use of reproduction parts will be based on their likeness to factory assembly parts.


Factory Original (Unrestored):

This class will be judged on the car's originality and condition. Originality will be determined from body identification and production codes. Condition will be based on cleanliness and amount of wear. Only original or GM maintenance parts are eligible to receive full point credit. Use of aftermarket or reproduction parts will be grounds for full point deduction. Cars in this class should have a majority of original paint, upholstery, and chrome plating.


Modified & Competition Modified:

To enter Concours Modified or Competition Modified, a car must have at least three qualifying modifications such as: engine swap, transmission swap, non-original induction, disc brakes where not original, aftermarket AC, fuel injection, blower, nitrous, suspension mods, custom dash, or upholstery, custom paint (aftermarket color flames, graphics, etc) tube frame, roll bar, body modifications etc. Cars in this program will be judged on build quality, fit, finish, and detail.


Concours cars must compete tech check-in by 5:00 PM Wednesday, June 27, 2018. Judging takes place Thursday June 28, 2018.


Questions can be directed to Concours Chairman:

Bill Markowski 716-652-1911 before 9:00 PM Eastern Time E-mail: wmarkowski@gtoaa.org




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