Classes are determined by model year, and body style based on actual registration received.


Popular vote is open to all Pontiacs. Classes for non-GTOs will be determined by the number of other Pontiacs registered either by year or model.


Popular vote registration ends June 1, 2018.  Popular vote registrations received after the cutoff date will be entered in the Street Legends Class.


All cars must complete tech-check in. Popular vote tech-in takes place Tuesday, June, 26, Wednesday, June, 27, and Thursday, June, 28, 2018.


If you do not complete tech-in by 5:00 PM Thursday June 28, 2018 your car will be entered in the Street Legends Class.


Voting will take place:

Friday June 29, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.


Please refer to the Popular Vote Classification chart to determine if you should enter as Stock or Modified. Make sure you enter the proper category for your vehicle. If your car has to be placed in a different class upon your arrival because the information you provided is incorrect, there may not be sufficient parking space in the proper class.


This also applies if you bring a different car from the one originally registered. Every effort will be made to accommodate such situations, but if you show up with flames on a car as Stock, there may not be space for you in the modified category.


Likewise, if you register a 1964 GTO convertible but arrive with a 1968 Firebird hardtop, there may not be space for you in the class where you need to park.


In order to authenticate GTOs and Judge models, 1964-1965 and 1972-1974 GTOs and all Judges in Popular Vote must be documented.  Unverified GTOs will be classed as modified A-body and unverified Judges will be classed as a Modified GTO.


You must supply your VIN when registering a GTO or Judge. PHS will verify that the car is a real GTO or a real Judge. The authenticity of 1966-1971 GTOs will be verified by VIN.


STREET LEGENDS is a display-only non-voting class for all Pontiacs. It is open to stock, modified, original, project, unfinished, or even beater cars. No judging, no voting, JUST BRING IT.


Popular Vote Chart

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Popular Vote Chart



Questions can be directed to the Popular Vote Chairpersons


Tom Szymczyk:


E-mail: goatguytom@aol.com


Bob Alexander:


Email: bob06gto@LPbroadband.net


Original Owner Display

If you are a previous Original Owner award recipient or will be receiving the award at this year's convention, you have an option of parking in a display-only class or Original Owner GTOs, LeMans, Tempests. Or you can enter the regular Popular Vote or Concours competition. For an Original Owner application, contact: Tom Oxler before May 25, 2018. 636-928-5548 or via email: president@gtoaa.org




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